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Tutor Profiles

Profile for Allyn Edwards.

Profile for Sue Weller.

Allyn Edwards

Allyn Edwards

Allyn began his working life as a microbiologist working for the Public Health Department and later the National Health Service: fifteen years in total. He trained in bacteriology, haematology and biochemistry.

His first disillusionment

He say that his first disillusionment was finding out that no microbiologist believes in the germ theory of diseases, at least not in the way it is commonly stated; they only pretend to for the sake of the way they work.

It is even said that Pasteur, the father of the germ theory of disease, recanted it on his death bed.

"If the germ theory of disease was true there would be no one left alive to believe in it."

Bacteria can only infect you if your resistance is low so Allyn began to specialise in host defence mechanisms, or how our bodies prevent disease.

Ironically it was at this time that he contracted tuberculosis!

Two new directions

The drugs he was given undoubtedly saved his life but they also damaged his liver. There was no recourse from the orthodox route so it set him off into two new directions.

The first was that he investigated alternative medicine to help his damaged liver. He eventually regained full liver function. The second was to look further for ways to strengthen the immune system. To this end he started again and retrained in immunology.


He eventually gained his fellowship in immunology and published original work in the field.

His 52 page paper was entitled:-

"An evaluation of a counter immunoelectrophoresis method for the detection of thyroglobulin antibodies by the comparison with standard plate-precipitation and passive haemaglutination techniques."

It is as boring and as turgid to read as it sounds and Allyn says that he no longer understands it himself as he claims to be a recovering intellectual.

( If you're desperate to read it then you can see it here, but you will need the password UtterMadness to open it ).

But what he did discover, by having to translate this for friends and family, was that he had a gift for explaining complex things simply and so started teaching medical students about immunology in ways that even they could understand.

His own interests took him further into the uncharted realms of immunology and became very interested in what is now called psychoneuroimmunology, although that term hadn't been coined at the time. It means the interplay between the immune system, the nervous system and the mental state of the person and how they integrate to produce a state of wellness in the individual.

Allyn's Epiphany

Browsing through TV channels late one night in 1984 Allyn stumbled across the end of an interview with a boffin who was looking for ways to detect extra-terrestrial intelligences. The interviewer asked him if we would be recognised as an intelligent species. Allyn says he can't remember the name of the boffin or the name of the program but he can remember his answer, word for word, even now.

"Good God no! Just look at our medical system. We give people poisons and if they fail to recover we cut out their vital organs. Is that the mark of an intelligent species?"

These 33 words haunted Allyn and he gradually became more and more disillusioned with orthodox medicine as he witnessed people being poisoned and having their vital organs removed. He could stand it no longer so left the NHS and had some time out to find a new direction.

Another new direction

Allyn eventually came into contact with chiropractic; he had hurt his back doing a Latvian folk dance in which he had to pretend to be a grizzly bear. In chiropractic he found what he had been looking for; a fantastic way to potentiate the innate healing abilities of the body.

He trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor and qualified in 1990. His brilliant teaching skills were put to good use and he eventually became the senior practical tutor at the college and was responsible for the overall practical training of the students in the technique. He also lectured in philosophy.

Yet another new direction

Once he discovered Spinal Touch and trained with Dr. LaMar Rosquist in 1998, he realised that this was the most simple, elegant and powerful way to enhance the body's own innate healing abilities he had yet encountered. Since then he has been promoting and teaching Ishta Spinal Touch in the UK and Europe.

He's still looking and says that if he finds anything better than Ishta Spinal Touch he will be doing that to help as many people as he can attain a state of profound wellness.

Allyn as a Tutor

Allyn's experience shines through with his dynamic approach to teaching. He is able to take the students on an enchanting journey of exploration with his lectures, which he delivers in an amusing, interesting and memorable way.

He has an amazing memory for facts and constantly astounds with his way of presenting the complicated in an understandable form.

At heart, he is an educated entertainer.

Sue Weller

Sue Weller

Sue has been very fortunate in her choices through life. She realised early on, when she was only 18, that when opportunities came along it was usually for a very positive reason.

Looking back on Sue's career and life choices we can see a natural progression into teaching and the alternative therapies.


Sue studied an Applied Science degree at Sheffield Polytechnic, this was a four year course with two six-month periods in industry. Sue attained an upper second class honours degree, but the most important thing that came out of the course was the realisation that she didn't want to work in a conventional science job, such as in a laboratory or selling allopathic drugs.

On graduating, Sue applied for a teaching job in a secondary school and unusually (she didn't have any teaching qualifications) was offered the post and so began her interest and love of teaching.


After three years, Sue realised that she needed to retrain in an alternative therapy and chose Chiropractic and in particular McTimoney Chiropractic. McTimoney Chiropractic appealed more due to its wholistic approach.

Whilst training at the Chiropractic College Sue had a full time job as a Computer Recruitment Consultant with a small specialist firm. Along side doing her studies and attending College and Clinic Sue was successful in the recruitment business and was promoted to Director of Permanent Recruitment with responsibility for a team of Consultants. This was a dynamic, busy and rewarding time in Sue's life.

Practical Tutor

After graduating from the McTimoney Chiropractic College, Sue set up clinic in Leeds and within six months had a very busy clinic. The College, aware of Sue's previous teaching background, asked her to be involved in the practical training of the students.

Seeing the opportunity to use her teaching skills and Chiropractic knowledge she very happily accepted and worked her way up to becoming the Principal Practical Tutor at the McTimoney Chiropractic College (from 1994-1996). Sue retired from the College in 1996 in order to devote more time to her own busy practice in London and build up another practice in Staffordshire.

America Calling

In 1998 Sue, along with her partner Allyn, went over to America to train in Spinal Touch with Dr. LaMar Rosquist. She was fascinated by this simple technique and could immediately see it's potential.

Dr. Rosquist, aware of Sue and Allyn's backgrounds, asked them to teach this technique in the UK and Europe. They gladly accepted and since then Sue has been busy with Allyn promoting and teaching this technique, setting up and running an alternative health centre, having a family and busy life within the local community.

Sue as a Tutor

Sue's style of teaching has been described as relaxed, empathetic, encompassing and passionate.

Sue believes the students needs come first and will endeavour to provide an environment where they feel safe and nurtured and confident to ask the questions that some times remain unasked.


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