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Practitioner Course




The Practitioner Course consists of seven modules and completion of all is required. Three of them require attendance at a seminar while four are completed on-line. There will be assignments and case histories that must be completed between the modules. There will also be a final practical assessment and a written examination.

On the successful completion of all of these, a certificate to practise Ishta Spinal Touch will be awarded.

To ensure that a high quality of supervision is maintained the practical teaching ratio is one tutor to two students.

It is scored as 40 contact hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development). This is broken down into 16 contact hours for module one and 24 contact hours for modules two to seven.

Here is a summary of the contents of the course

Module One - The Foundation Course - Attended - Two Days
Demonstration of an Ishta Spinal Touch treatment

History of Ishta Spinal Touch

Philosophy behind Ishta Spinal Touch

Surface Anatomy

Spinal Anatomy

Basic Plumbline Assessment

Basic Eleven-Step Alignment Procedure

Supportive Advice

Lots of Practical Hands-on Experience

On-Line Video Support

The cost for module one is £275.00.

The first module is a stand-alone seminar and if you choose not to take the training any further you can use what you have learnt on family and friends on a non-fee basis.

Click here for more information about the Foundation Course.

The Practitioner Course from module two onwards is only open to existing, active therapists who hold professional indemnity insurance and have completed either Module One (Foundation Course), one of our Access Courses, or have taken a different spinal touch training.

Module Two - Attended - One Day
Review of Basic Plumb Line Assessment

Review of Basic Eleven-Step Alignment Procedure

Refining the Quality of Touch

Meet Fellow Course Participants

Understanding How the Course Works


Case Studies

Using the Resource CD

Assigning Mentors

On-Line Video Support

Module Three - On-Line
History and Philosophy

Spinal Anatomy

The Loose Link

The Complete Plumb Line Assessmment

Code of Ethics

Reactions and Contra-Indications

Musings on the Loose Link

On-Line Video Support

Module Four - On-Line
A Look at Gravity

Advanced Plumb Line Assessment

Basic Procedure Anatomy

The Complete Seventeen-Step Alignment Procedure

Taking a Record Card

Giving an Explanation

Supporting Advice

On-Line Video Support

Module Five - On-Line
The Concepts Underpinning Ishta Spinal Touch

Sitting Assessment

Neural Anatomy

The Physiology of Stress

Exploring the Quality of Touch

On-Line Video Support

Module Six - On-Line
The Vitalist / Mechanist Duallity

Assessing Non-Ambulatory Recipients

Aligning Recipients who can't Lie Prone



Water and Exercise

Mock Written Exam

On-Line Video Support

Module Seven - Final Exams - Attended - Two Days
Review of Mock Written Exam

Review of Case Studies

Practical Exam Criteria

Mock Practical Exam


Integration into Practice

Practice Development

Written Exam

Practical Exam

Getting the Big Idea

Where to go from Here

Free On-Line Practitioner Support

The cost for modules two to seven is £750.00.

The total cost of the complete course is £1,025.00.

For an up to date list of dates, venues and costs click on course dates.

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