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Become an Ishta Spinal Touch® Licensed Trainer

Start a new stage in your career and help us heal the world!

On the 5th November 2008 Dr. Rosquist wrote to us and charged us with keeping this technique alive and with developing it further for posterity.

"Dear Allyn and Sue, I thought that this would be the right time for me to share a few thoughts about my role and yours in keeping alive the work that Dr. Hurley started in the early 1900's

... you (Allyn) and Sue can help train and keep this marvellous secret alive to help future generations ...

Keep it going."

Read Full Letter?

We are looking for people to help us spread the good news about Ishta Spinal Touch and help us to teach it.

Maybe it could be you?

We have put together a program to train trainers in this fantastic technique.

Why present our courses?

We have been developing and refining these courses since 1998 and in that time we have discovered what does and doesn't work, what is and isn't important to get across. We know we make what we do look incredibly easy but in fact getting to look like that is much more difficult than you imagine.

So by presenting our course rather than, say developing your own, you will save 15 years of trial and error. You will also get all the support you need from us and the benefit of an instant reputation. When we were the Principal and Senior practical tutors at the chiropractic college we were responsible for training the tutors, as well as the students, so we have long experience at teaching people how to become dynamic presenters.

Foundation Course

Initially the licence will allow you to teach the Foundation Course. There will be a small annual charge for the licence together with a token percentage from each participant on your courses. In return we will teach you how to present the technique, allow you to use our name, our course notes and our reputation. You will have access to all the updates as they come out and there will be a dedicated area of our website for promotional resources etc. Your courses will also be included in all our promotional work.

Practitioner Course

After suitable experience with presenting the Foundation Course, and brushing up on your anatomy and physiology, you can then become a licensed Practitioner Course presenter. The annual licence fee will be a little higher but the percentage will stay the same. In addition to the benefits listed above you will also be able to authorise your own Foundation Course presenters, so long as we think that they are suitable, and make a percentage from their courses.

Of course they will also provide students for your Practitioner Courses.

Beyond the Plumb Line Courses

Eventually we envisage you being able to become a licensed Beyond the Plumb Line Course presenter and you will be able to authorise your own Practitioner Course presenters.

So, is it for you?

We are looking for people who are interested in helping us take Ishta Spinal Touch forward into the future. This is such a fantastic technique that it deserves to grow and thrive. We are only two people. We can't do it all by our selves. We need your help.

If you are interested in teaching, helping people to transform themselves, enabling caterpillars to change into butterflies, and are dynamic and self motivated, contact us for more information.

Licensed Trainers of Ishta Spinal Touch®

Miroslava Švecova

Based in Vysoké Mýto in the Czech Republic, Miroslava Švecova is a licensed trainer of Ishta Spinal Touch.


If becoming a licensed trainer is too big a leap for you. You could always start out by being a regional coordinator and see if you want to take it further.


Regional Coordinators

We are looking for people who will act as regional coordinators for Ishta Spinal Touch.

We are looking for people to organise Foundation Courses in their area, Midlands included. We will come and teach the course. These can be organised by anyone, so if you know of anyone who organises courses please let them know about us.

Perhaps you know of someone who wants to train but cannot travel. Let them know and they could organise for us to come and run a course in their area. We will help in whatever ways we can so that the course runs successfully.

This is an exciting time for us. We are going to have a big promotional push of Ishta Spinal Touch and it would be great if there were regional centres where people could do the Foundation Course, maybe get together afterwards to swap alignments and for mutual support.

Are you interested?

If you would be interested in hearing more about our vision for the future of Ishta Spinal Touch or finding out more information about being a regional coordinator, please get in touch.

We used to say that Ishta Spinal Touch was the best kept secret in holistic health.
Well, it's a secret no longer.
More and more people now know about it and with your help everyone could.

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