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Ishta Spinal Touch is particularly safe and gentle and has helped people with:

Ankylosing Spondylitis, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Balance Problems, Breathing Impairment, Depression, Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Foot Problems, Frozen Shoulders, Headaches, Insomnia, Jaw Problems, Joint Pain, Knee Problems, Kyphosis, Learning and Behavioural Difficulties, Lordosis, Low Energy, Menstrual Problems, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Neck Pain, Pins and Needles, Poor Posture, Problems during and after Pregnancy, Recurrent Infections, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Sinus Problems, Sports Injuries, Stress Management, Tension, Visual Disturbances, Wellness Care, Whiplash Injuries and more.

Ishta Spinal Touch does not treat or cure any disease or symptom. It is primarily concerned with creating a healthy, balanced state on all levels. It therefore has the potential to help people with almost any condition.

For more information about what Ishta Spinal Touch does and doesn't do see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Be the best that you can be

Bodies have an innate healing ability which is mediated through the nervous system. If the nervous system is working properly then the body can maintain a state of perfect wellbeing. It doesn't need the intervention of people like us, drugs, surgery; it can just look after itself.

If the nervous system is compromised by a bone being out of alignment, or deranged, then three things can happen.

  1. You can have pain.
  2. You can have dysfunction and disease.
  3. You can have cells dying and reduced vitality.

The body has in-built correction mechanisms for correcting the derangement of bones. It will use the postural muscles, rather like guy ropes of a tent, to correct the misalignments.

If you have poor posture, or the body's centre of gravity is displaced, then the postural muscles are too busy holding you up against the pull of gravity to be able to correct the derangements.

Ishta Spinal Touch improves your posture and restores the normal position to the centre of gravity, solely by a unique muscle-relaxation technique, which then allows the postural muscles to correct any misalignments freeing up the nervous system. It's very gentle and often people will fall asleep while receiving an alignment as it is so relaxing.

As a result the body's innate healing abilities can get through and do the job it was designed to do. Pain reduces, dysfunction and disease heal and vitality is restored.

This is why Ishta Spinal Touch is so good at helping people with so many widely differing conditions. It is also a fantastic preventative treatment which helps with the promotion of a profound wellness.

Ishta Spinal Touch is primarily concerned with creating a healthy, balanced state on all levels. It can, therefore, help people with almost any condition.

To see how Ishta Spinal Touch can improve your posture have a look at these before and after photographs.

What to expect

After a detailed medical history is taken an explanation is given and then you will receive an alignment. To watch a five minute video of an alignment just click play.

After the alignment you will receive a report on how your body was distorted and what's likely to happen during the course of your treatment program.

A brief history

The original technique was developed in the 1920's by two chiropractors, Dr. John Hurley D.C. and Dr. Helen Sanders PhC.

Dr. John Hurley Dr. Helen Sanders

Kept pure by Dr. Francis Goes D.C. he taught it to Dr. LaMar Rosquist D.C. in the late 1950's. Over the next 10 years he encouraged Dr. Rosquist to refine the original technique for the next generation.

Dr. LaMar Rosquist

The arrival in Europe

In 1998 Dr. Allyn Edwards D.C. and Dr. Sue Weller D.C. became the first authorised tutors in Europe. They have been working with Dr. Rosquist since then to refine the technique again for their generation.

Dr. Allyn Edwards and Dr. Sue Weller founders of Ishta Spinal Touch

What's in a name?

There were people practising Spinal Touch in the UK prior to Allyn and Sue becoming the first authorised tutors in Europe, but they had suffered from the "Chinese whisper" syndrome. Having learnt it from someone who had learnt it from someone who had learnt it from someone etc. Errors and omissions had crept in.

To differentiate it from what had gone before Allyn and Sue renamed the technique Ishta Spinal Touch.

Ishta stands for Integrating Spinal Touch with Therapeutic Approaches; as it is taught solely as an add-on technique to existing therapists.

Insist on seeing an Ishta Spinal Touch practitioner and you will be certain of receiving the authentic technique.

For a list of fully qualified practitioners click here.


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