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Become a Wellness Coach

We need to consider Ishta Spinal Touch in context of the bigger picture as far as health and wellbeing goes.

There's no doubt that the Innate Intelligence of the body is brilliant. It has developed, over the course of our evolutionary history, to look after us perfectly. In fact it starts at the moment of conception and guides the development of a perfectly formed human being in just nine months. After we are born it doesn't go away; it is responsible for repairing and maintaining us on a second by second basis. It elegantly coordinates all our cells to work harmoniously together for the benefit of all, suavely and with great ingenuity.

However, the Innate Intelligence is also quite naïve. We can override it with our conscious minds and do things which are bad for us. For example, you can smoke a cigarette if you want to and it will help you to do so. In fact you wouldn't consciously be able to coordinate all the body functions that are needed to smoke. Do you know how to make your lungs inhale for instance? No? well your Innate Intelligence does.

In a similar way our environment and life styles have altered dramatically in the last 150 years or so, which is too short a time, in evolutionary terms, for the Innate Intelligence to adapt.

Wellness care is concerned with bringing five areas of our lives back into balance, which have become deranged in our modern society. The Innate Intelligence can be working perfectly but if these areas aren't brought back into balance then sub-optimal health results. Get these areas into balance and restore the full working of the Innate Intelligence then dynamic, vibrant wellness can be achieved.


The Five Areas

1. Nourishment

This is subdivided into three parts.
1. Basic Nutrition - Raw materials.
2. Diet - How to eat in harmony with the body.
3. Super Nutrition - to offset the affects of environmental change and ageing.

2. Toxicity

This is subdivided into two parts.
1. Detoxification - Getting the toxic stuff, that's already in you, out.
2. Re-Intoxication - Not putting more toxic stuff in you; avoiding synthetic chemicals from pollution, medication, food additives, and so-called personal care products. Also getting rid of parasites.

3. Rest

This is subdivided into two parts.
1. Passive - Down time and sleep.
2. Active - Stress management practices and hobbies.

4. Exercise

This is divided into two parts.
1. Toning - Appropriate levels for individual body systems.
2. Exercises - For specific body parts at the appropriate level.

5. Attitudes

This is about bringing a balance to your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial attitudes to life.

Training Course

In this two-day seminar we will go over our wellness model in great detail filling in all the blanks and showing you how all the areas integrate. You will also learn the three models of coaching and how to choose the correct one for your recipients. You will also get lots of practice with each other.

At the end of the two days you will then be able to offer wellness coaching to your recipients.

It is scored as 16hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development).



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