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Friends of Ishta Spinal Touch

We need your help in expanding the awareness of Ishta Spinal Touch.

Becoming a Friend of Ishta Spinal Touch is a way for you to help spread the good news about Ishta Spinal Touch and help your practitioner's practice grow.

If you have been helped by Ishta Spinal Touch and feel you would like to share your benefits with others there are several ways you can do this.

1. The first is to tell your friends and family about the help you have received from your practitioner. Ask your practitioner for some of their business cards or brochures and pass them out to anyone who you think might benefit.

2. The second is to print out some of these posters, add your practitioner's contact details and put them up on staff notice boards, windows, health food stores etc. The freestanding ones you simply fold in half and they stand up by themselves

3. The third is to add the following banner as a signature to your out-going emails.

Email banner with link to

Here's how to do it in Outlook Express. All other email clients will work in a similar way.

To include a banner as a signature file in Microsoft Outlook Express:

Create html file

Open a text editing program like Notepad and paste the code (below) associated with the banner into the file. Add any other information you want in your signature and save the file on your computer as banner.html

To add a signature to outgoing messages

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Signatures tab. To create a signature, click New and select the HTML file you've just created. Select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box.

Here's the code

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" border= "0" width="468" height="60"></a>

The above code will link the banner to this website.

If you want the banner to be a link to your practitioner's website just replace the red text with the address of their home page.

4. Fourthly you could register as a Friend of Ishta Spinal Touch by clicking and sending us your name and contact details. Please also include the name of your practitioner.

Friends of Ishta Spinal Touch will eventually receive their own newsletter giving updates and advance notices of events happening in their areas.

Any help you could give your practitioner in promoting the awareness of their practice would be very greatly appreciated and could help innumerable people to lead a healthier, more positive life.


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