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Attend one of our currently booked CPD courses - see bottom of page.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Do you organise CPD Training Courses?

If you organise CPD courses then we have a range of seminars suitable for you.

Two Hours

What is Ishta Spinal Touch?

Our two-hour lecture on the history, development and demonstration of Ishta Spinal Touch is an excellent introduction to the subject.

Four Hours

Question Marks and Exclamation Points

Our four-hour seminar on the importance of good posture looks at the history of postural education, the effects of poor posture, how we can restore good posture, self-help techniques for maintaining good posture and the benefits that good posture brings.

Six Hours

Postural Assessment and Re-Alignment as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy

Our six-hour seminar looks at the importance correct posture has on the maintaining of benefits derived from manual therapies. We will be looking at how a simple postural assessment can enhance your existing skill-set and how to integrate it into your practice. Self-help techniques for restoring good posture will also be discussed so that your clients can maintain their improvement.

Eight Hours

Access Course

We can develop an Access Course that will be suitable for your group. The number of contact hours needed will depend upon the group's prior knowledge of surface anatomy and their palpation skills, but generally we can manage that in eight hours. Talk to us about your group's needs and previous experience.

For more information about the Access Courses please click here.

Fourteen Hours

Weekend Package

If you want to make a weekend out of it we can combine the six-hour seminar with the eight-hour workshop and deliver them over the course of two days.

Sixteen Hours

Foundation Course

If your group doesn't have many surface anatomy and palpation skills perhaps a Foundation Course would be more suitable. We are more than happy to run a Foundation Course for your group over two days.

For more information about Foundation Courses please click here.


We think our CPD course are great but don't just take our word for it.
Listen to what some of our feedback says.


"Thank you for running your course. I really really enjoyed it. I loved the way you put presented it your enthusiasm was infections. I absolutely felt it has been the first course I have done as part of my CPD that inspired me to find out more and pick up a text book since graduating from AECC ten years ago. I honestly thought the pleasure of books and learning had left me completely. So above everything else thank you for restoring that!"

"Loved all the philosophy. A good partnerships between the lecturers."

"The style of the presentation was great (and humorous) as was the content and the pace."

"There was a good rapport between the tutors and towards the participants."

"A great presentation with comprehensive notes."

"The information was new and was relevant to most patients and their care. I am able to integrate this into my practice right away."

"A good presentation with a relaxed atmosphere. The subject matter was well covered and really interesting."

"Clear and concise information about a practical subject which I can use in my practice immediately."

"Good structure to the day, both theory and practical. Excellent course content with a relaxed teaching style."

"A good reminder of the physiological and neurological effects of postural distortion."

"Lots of practical work learning an easy way of assessing patients' posture so I can use it straight away with my patients."

"The importance of posture was highlighted and the practical information on the assessment will be useful in my practice. The visual improvements demonstrated with the suprasternal lift showed how useful this self-help technique will be to me and my patients."




We can develop a talk, demonstration, lecture, seminar or workshop for any time scale you require. We also have a very flexible fee structure.

To see some feedback about our talks, demonstrations and lectures please click here.

For more information about how we can help your group please contact us.


Attend our current CPD Courses

Postural Assessment and Re-Alignment as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy

Date: Friday 9th May 2014

Venue: McTimoney Chiropractic College, Abingdon.

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Contact: Matt Green at BPP


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