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Access Courses - Module One

We provide Access Courses in Ishta Spinal Touch to suitable groups of practitioners, which will very often "fast-track" them onto our Practitioner Courses. We run them in conjunction with professional bodies that organise continuing professional development (CPD) courses for their members. We also organise our own if there is sufficient demand.

We can usually speed up our teaching by training an homogeneous group of people, as opposed to a group with different starting abilities. This means that we can deliver an Access Course in 8 hours as compared to 16 hours needed for a Foundation Course.

At the end of the Access Course participants will be able to integrate what they have learnt into their practices straight away. However:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, participation in an Access Course does not formally certify a participant's competence to extend the scope of their clinical practice. A certification program is available if required.

  • It is the responsibility of each participant to establish whether expanding their clinical activity to incorporate practices covered during the Access Course is within the scope of the body that regulates their practice.

  • It is the responsibility of any participant who intends to extend the scope of their clinical practice, as a result of attending an Access Course, to ensure that they are appropriately insured to do so.
Access Courses

Currently we have Access Courses developed for the following groups.





Here is a summary of the contents of the course


Demonstration of an Ishta Spinal Touch treatment

History of Ishta Spinal Touch

Philosophy behind Ishta Spinal Touch

Basic Plumbline Assessment

Basic Eleven-Step Alignment Procedure

Supportive Advice

Lots of Practical Hands-on Experience

Free On-Line Video Support

Some feedback from our Access Courses


"Lots of hands-on and a nice relaxed approach."

M. S. McTimoney Chiropractor

"It was a good long day and the explanations were good. It was practical with lots of practise - ideal for practitioners."

I.J. Spineworks Practitioner

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for today - I really enjoyed it, Both Sue and Allyn have a very sincere, honest and refreshing way of teaching. There was lots of hands-on, lots of feedback and lots of opportunity to try myself. There was a nice clinic setting and I got a plumb line and footboard and very good course notes."

M. M. Chiropractor

"A full day of practical in a friendly and relaxed environment."

W. L. McTimoney Chiropractor


If you would like more information about Access Courses please contact us.

For an up to date list of dates, venues and costs click on course dates.

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